On March 28-29, CEPI held its General Meeting in Malaga (Spain), at the kind invitation of its Spanish Member, GIPE.

On Thursday 28 to Friday 29 March CEPI held two days of meetings in Malaga on the occasion of its first General Meeting (GM) of 2019.

This included meetings of the two CEPI Professional Divisions (PDs) CEAB and PAC, representing property managers and real estate agents respectively, as well as of Permanent Technical Committees (PTCs) on Policy, Communication and Education, and dedicated workshops on two practical tools developed to help property managers and real estate agents comply with EU regulations on Anti-Money Laundering and GDPR.

Important discussions in the PDs and PTCs focused on the association’s priorities including energy, digitalisation, housing policy, data protection, and many more. The CEPI Board of Directors and GM met on March 29. This GM was particularly important as a new strategic action programme 2020-2023 was approved to enhance the association’s activities and boost its presence and activities in Brussels.

A particular thank you goes to GIPE for its impeccable organisation, represented by Mr Miguel Garrido Ruiz who took care of all organisational aspects of this two-day event and associated convivial moments.

A series of articles have appeared in the local press about the event in Malaga, within which: