The sixth sense for real estate businesses of the future – CEPI Knowledge Partner City Performer

CEPI is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with a new knowledge partner City Performer.
City Performer, a product of THERE Geospatial Analytics, is an online platform that provides a decision support tool and valuable source of information for real estate agents, developers, property managers, urban planners, architects etc. as well as for consumers.

It evaluates urbanism (how the population of urban areas interact with the built environment), property prices and living expenses in cities using big data. Urbanism is evaluated on the basis of data in 6 categories: environment, living, safety, mobility, services and relax. Each category has its own indicators which impact on its index.

City Performer also visualizes real-time property prices and provides predictions.

The analysis of living expenses is based on utility prices, rents, retail prices and transport costs etc. City Performer has developed unique proprietary algorithms and prediction models which instantly analyse data. It aims to enable improved services and better decision making. For further information and availability see