Airbnb and the real estate sector

Airbnb, and similar platforms operating in the real estate sector, are increasing in popularity and commercialisation. CEPI calls upon the European Commission to examine the impact such sharing platforms are having on the housing market in the EU.
Whilst investment and innovation in the real estate sector are welcome, these platforms are having a significant impact on the housing market and particularly on the amount of rental stock available for long-term tenants. This requires further investigation as to the consequences, particularly in certain popular locations, for consumers. It also calls for new ways to be found of regulating such activities ensuring that local and regional authorities are able to make decisions about short-term accommodation according to local needs. Clearly this is something that should be on the agenda of the new European Commission with further discussion and stakeholder involvement needed to ensure the long-term health of the housing market.

The position on Airbnb and the real estate sector is available here.