Meetings of Co-Owners during the Coronavirus Crisis

During the current crisis property managers are faced with difficulties in organising meetings of co-owners. Depending on the level of restrictions in place, it may not be possible or realistic to organise face-to-face meetings.
Yet decisions have to be made by co-owners concerning the renovation and ongoing maintenance of buildings. Therefore solutions have to be found. Fortunately today new technology provides options for virtual meetings. However, in most countries there are requirements that meetings of co-owners must take place in person. To take advantage of the possibilities offered by virtual meetings these rules need to be adapted.

Therefore, on behalf of property managers throughout Europe, CEPI asks that the possibility be allowed in these exceptional circumstances for the relevant national legislation to be adapted upon request to allow for meetings of co-owners to be held virtually whilst still respecting the proper decision-making process. To see our statement on the subject please click here.