Building and renovating in an energy efficient and resource efficient way – online workshop

width=On September 23, the Secretariat took part in the “Building and Renovating in an energy and resource efficient way” workshop, held online during the “European Research and Innovation days” initiative promoted by the European Commission.

Among participants and guest speakers were: Paul Cartuyvels, director of BOUYGUES Europe, Pavel Podruh, Founder & CEO of Czech Sustainable Houses and Christiane Egger, deputy manager of the Upper Austrian Energy Agency. The workshop focused mainly on the importance of energy efficiency and how to renovate the current building stock in an innovative and efficient way and the important role that legislation plays in such process in order to achieve the desired results and objectives set out also by the European Commission in its so-called Green Deal. Energy consumption in buildings is crucial and therefore energy driven renovations are essential to achieve such goals.

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