Renovation Wave

On 14 October the European Commission published its Renovation Wave Strategy with which it aims to improve the energy performance of buildings and at least double the rates of renovation in the next ten years.
Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions but currently only 1% of buildings undergo energy efficient renovation each year. The strategy prioritises action in three areas: decarbonisation of heating and cooling; energy poverty and worst-performing buildings; and renovation of public buildings. It includes the following lead actions:

  • Stronger regulations and standards on the energy performance of buildings to include a phased introduction of mandatory minimum energy performance standards for existing buildings and updated rules for energy performance certificates;
  • Access to targeted funding through the “Renovate” and “Power Up” flagships in the Recovery and Resilience Facility under Next Generation EU;
  • Increasing capacity to prepare and implement renovation projects, including technical assistance to national and local authorities and training for new green jobs;
  • Expanding the market for sustainable construction products and services;
  • Creating a new European Bauhaus with a network of five initially in different EU countries;
  • Developing neighbourhood-based approaches for local communities.