M&M Webinar - Reuters Breakingviews Predictions 2021 - online event

On 26 January 2021, CEPI attended the webinar “Reuters Breakingviews Predictions 2021” organised by Minima Moralia.

The event was divided into two sessions and mainly focused on the effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic and possible solutions to achieve an efficient recovery. During the first session, moderated by Mr Pagani (President of Minima Moralia), the panellists discussed the Reuters Breakingviews Predictions on 2021, especially by focusing on the changes to people’s life brought by the Covid-19 outbreak. Digitalisation and sustainable economy are fundamental aspects of these new economic and business models.

The second session, named “How will cities rebound from the Covid-19 crisis?”, moderated by Rob Cox, Global Editor of Reuters Breakingviews, explored the effects of the pandemic on urban life and societies, as well as what is needed for recovery. 

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