Strengthening buildings information tools with focus on energy performance certificates – European Commission online workshop

On April 29, the Secretariat of CEPI attended the third workshop for the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010/31/EU (EPBD) organised by Trinomics on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate General Energy.

The aim of this workshop was to get feedback on the strengthening of building information tools, especially with regards to the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which should contribute to the enhancement of the energy performance of buildings. EPCs play a central role in the context of the Article 20 (2) EPBD, which asks Member States to provide information on the EPCs and the inspection reports, on their purpose and objectives, on the cost-effective ways and, where appropriate, on the available financial instruments to improve the energy performance of the building to the owners or tenants of the buildings.
The speakers of the event, among which Ms Paula Rey Garcia (Deputy Head of Unit from the Directorate General Energy of the European Commission), Mr Frank Gérard (Senior Expert at Triconomics), Mr Kurt Emil Eriksen (Manager at Active Europe), Ms Judit Kimpian (Chair of the Architects' Council of Europe ACE) and Ms Hélène Sibileau (Senior Policy Advisor at Buildings Performance Institute Europe), discussed three main topics: the strengthening of the information role of EPCs, their quality and, improving of their coverage.
More information on the event here.