New European Bauhaus: 2021 online platform prizes

On September 1, the European Commission announced the 30 finalists of the New European Bauhaus Awards. The winners were shortlisted from more than 2 000 applications, from all EU Member States, ​and will be officially awarded on September 16, 2021.

The Bauhaus Prize is an environmental, economic, and cultural project that aims to combine design, sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusiveness. The goal of the project is to use a co-creation process to shape the concept by exploring ideas, identifying the most urgent needs and challenges, and to connect interested parties. The prize recognizes and celebrates existing achievements and supports the younger generation to further develop emerging concepts and ideas, which will pave the way to a greener future for Europe. 
The Commission’s Committee, composed of 80 official partners of the initiative, shortlisted the applications during the summer. ​Participants challenged themselves in several categories, including techniques, materials and processes for construction and design; buildings renovated in a spirit of circularity; reinvented places to meet and share; regenerated urban and rural spaces. The Secretariat of CEPI takes an interest in the Bauhaus Prize as energy, with a particular focus on the renovation of buildings, is a priority issue for CEPI. More precisely, the prize aims at achieving a greener and more sustainable housing environment throughout the EU, and that is why is it of interest for the real estate sector.

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