Communication from the European Commission on the “New Bauhaus Initiative: Beautiful, Sustainable, Together”

On September 15, the European Commission has adopted a Communication setting out the concept of the New European Bauhaus Initiative.


The New European Bauhaus expresses the EU’s ambition of creating beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive places, products and ways of living. It promotes a new lifestyle where sustainability matches style, thus accelerating the green transition in various sectors of our economy such as construction, real estate, furniture, etc.

To achieve the New European Bauhaus goals, the Commission will combine relevant EU initiatives and propose a set of new legislative and policy actions as well as funding possibilities for Member States and private actors. A New European Bauhaus Lab (NEB) will be created and will reach out to politics, industry, society and other established actors already engaged with topics such as energy efficiency, building renovation, sustainable living and digital transition. Additional fundings will be provided by the Commission through several existing funding programmes, such as Horizon, Erasmus+, LIFE and the Cohesion Fund.

Given the relevance of the initiative to the real estate sector, the Secretariat of CEPI will keep monitoring the policy and legislative developments of the New European Bauhaus Initiative.

For more information on the New European Bauhaus Initiative, please visit here.