CEPI - URBAN Intergroup online event on short-term rental platforms and their impact on the real estate sector and cities in Europe

On October 15, the jointly organized CEPI - URBAN Intergroup event on short-term rental platforms and their impact on the real estate sector and cities in Europe, took place on Zoom, in the presence of more than 60 participants from different stakeholders from the public and private sector.

The event, which was a great success and opened the road for future closer cooperation among the organisations and institutions present, touched upon many aspects of the matter. Our Secretary General, Ms Elisabeth Rohr-de Wolf, who opened the event together with the Urban Intergroup President MEP Mr Jan Olbrycht stated that CEPI was happy to co-organise this session on short- term rental platforms (STRs) together with the URBAN Intergroup as it brought together many of the key players involved in the field enabling all to discuss the different challenges and opportunities surrounding STRs. CEPI, so she clarified, does not intend to promote a pro/anti narrative in this field but rather promotes the need for a better understanding of this relatively new ecosystem, highlighting the requirement to study its potential in the sharing economy, as well as ensuring that appropriate regulation remains in place for the benefit of all. The ultimate aim - she concluded - is not to discriminate against alternative business models but to ensure a level playing field for all involved parties.

We thank the URBAN Intergroup again for co-hosting this interesting session, as well as for the technical assistance, and for all those who couldn’t attend, we share with pleasure the recording of the event also including the appreciated contributions of our two vice-presidents Mr Luis de Prado and Mr Federico Ranuzzi de' Bianchi, which is now available on the URBAN Intergroup website at:

The CEPI Secretariat remains in the meantime in close contact with the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as with all other stakeholders involved on the matter of short-term rental platforms and will keep its members updated on any interesting development for our professions.