European Commission launch event: EU Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

On November 22, the Secretariat attended the presentation session of the new Energy Poverty Advisory Hub, organized by the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) of the European Commission.

It is estimated that about 34 million people in the European Union are experiencing energy poverty to a variety of degrees, depending on geographical areas. As such, EPAH has been set up by the European Commission to gather the views of multiple stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of measures aiming at tackling energy poverty.
During the event, it has been outlined that the energy transition can especially be boosted by the help of municipalities that constitute leading actors in addressing social inequalities. The session further introduced the many services and tools offered by EPAH to support these local actors in their goal of eradicating energy poverty.
Speakers of the event included: Ms Dora Biondani, Project Coordinator (EPAH); Ms Marta Garcia Pais (EPAH); Mr João Pedro Gouveia (EPAH); and Ms Marina Varvesi (EPAH).

More information and all tools made available by EPAH can be found here.