ÖVI press conference on their amendment to the Homeownership Act, and EU market prices

On January 1, 2022, Austria introduced a new amendment to the existing ‘Homeownership Act’.

Our longstanding member ÖVI (Österreichische Verband der Immobilienwirtschaft), delivered a press conference last month after collecting relevant data from the interested stakeholders in Austria and the EU.
In this setting, ÖVI was able to bring forward their input to the Act’s amendment, with a strong focus on climate policies, also in line with European standards, and with an impact on the decision-making process for property managers so as to enable energy efficiency renovations in apartment buildings.
Another important part of the press conference was dedicated to the study on house prices within Austria. With the help of CEPI, ÖVI presented a well-structured overview of average prices per square meter also in its surrounding countries, notably, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, and Switzerland.
For more information, please visit the ovi website.