European Commission proposes the REPowerEU plan

On March 8, the European Commission proposed an outline of a plan to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuel, especially in view of Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.

Over the last years, Europe has been facing high and volatile energy prices. In addition to this, after Russia’s unprecedented military attack on Ukraine, security of supply concerns exacerbate the situation. In order to phase out Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels from Russia, the Commission proposes to develop a REPowerEU plan that will increase the resilience of the EU-wide energy system. To do so, Europe will focus on the diversification of gas supplies from non-Russian suppliers, a larger volume of biomethane and renewable hydrogen production and imports, and the reduction of the use of fossil fuels in homes, buildings, industry, and power system, by boosting energy efficiency and increasing renewables and electrification. According to the European Commission, the actions undertaken under the Fitfor55 and the REpowerEU plans could result in the end of Europe’s independence in few years only (Two-thirds of reduction within one year).

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