Public Consultation on the FATF Risk-Based Guidance to the Real Estate Sector

On March 7, the Financial Action Task Force published for public consultation the updated draft of the RBA AML Guidance to the Real Estate Sector, which was drafted with the considerable contribution of CEPI, among others.

To update the previous Guidance (2008), the FATF Plenary in June 2021 agreed upon setting up a Project Team (PT) of FATF delegations and private sector representatives in order to gather useful inputs and exchange knowledge and information.

After months of hard work, the current text, which reflects the PT members' input is now out for consultation and the FATF is requesting possible additional inputs from all interested stakeholders to advance and finalise the text before it is being put to a final vote during the FATF Plenary session of June 2022.

The current draft text and instructions on how to take part in this very important public consultation by giving your direct input to the FATF are available at this link.