Digital Markets Act (DMA) - Results of trilogue 24 March 2022

With a tweet at 11.15 pm on Thursday 24 March 2022, Ms Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, announced that EU institutions reached a deal on the DMA “with a good, strong agreement”.
After the 8-hours long trilogue (negotiations between the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission), MEP Mr Andreas Schwab (EPP, Germany), stated:

"The agreement ushers in a new era of tech regulation worldwide. The Digital Markets Act puts an end to the ever-increasing dominance of Big Tech companies. From now on, they must show that they also allow for fair competition on the internet. The new rules will help enforce that basic principle. Europe is thus ensuring more competition, more innovation and more choice for users.

With the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Europe is setting standards for how the digital economy of the future will function. It will now be up to the European Commission to implement the new rules quickly.

As the European Parliament, we have made sure that the DMA will deliver tangible results immediately: consumers will get the choice to use the core services of Big Tech companies such as browsers, search engines or messaging, and all that without losing control over their data.

Above all, the law avoids any form of overregulation for small businesses. App developers will get completely new opportunities, small businesses will get more access to business-relevant data and the online advertising market will become fairer."

The final version of the text will now need to be approved by the Parliament and the Council and it will come into force 20 days after publication in the EU Official Journal, while rules will apply six months after, becoming fully applicable in 2023.

Via this link you can consult the recording of the press conference held this morning, Friday 25 March 2022, by MEP Mr Andreas Schwab, Parliament’s rapporteur, Mr Cédric O, Minister of State for the Digital Sector, for the French Presidency of the Council, Ms Margrethe Vestager and Mr Thierry Breton, for the Commission.