Smart Buildings for Europe! – online workshop

On Thursday, May 5th, the Secretariat of CEPI attended an online workshop organized by the European Smart Building Community.


The European Smart Building Community gathers industrials and research and development organisations committed to supporting the improvement of smart buildings.

The project SmartBuilt4EU is composed of four task forces which work in different fields to investigate the key issues and trends related to the development of sustainable and efficient buildings, and cooperate to feed a Strategic Research Agenda to be presented to the European Commission.
The Task Forces have been busy in the past months to collectively identify the main barriers, drivers and Research & Innovation (R&I) related to:

- Occupant-centric buildings for enhanced quality of life,
- Optimised building costs, Smart buildings as enabler of new energy practices and communities,
- Data governance and cybersecurity.

The workshop of May 5th, structured in four separate sessions, focused respectively on interactions with users; efficient building operation; interactions with the external environment; costcutting issues.

During the four sessions, speakers shared lessons learnt and good practices from EU-funded projects and other initiatives always in the field of improvement of sustainability and smartness of buildings. There were brain storming sessions on these topics.

Attendees were invited to an online survey order to share their views on the key priorities for R&I for Smart Buildings and provide feedback on the latest White Papers produced by the Task Forces.

The hosts of the event was Alain Zarli, the coordinator of the programme. Main speakers were: Karine Laffont-Eloire, Senior Consultant & Associate Partner at Dowel innovation; Sylvain Kubickl, Lead research and technology asociate; Clèmentine Coujard, Senior consultant Dowel innovation; Stijn Verbeke, Senior researcher energy performance of buildings; Kazi Sami, Research Team Leader, Smart Cities and Intelligent Buildings.

You can find more information about the Community and their projects in this link.