Smart buildings for Europe! - workshop (online event)

On Wednesday, 1st of June, the Secretariat of CEPI attended an online workshop organised by the European Smart Building Community.

CEPI already attended the first edition of this workshop earlier in May on interactions with users; efficient building operation; interactions with the external environment; cost-cutting issues.

This new event focused more on the barriers and drivers of education and upskilling. The better integration of topics related to smart buildings in vocational education and in the curricula of academics was discussed. In addition to that, the upskilling and the training of the building value chain and the support to the evolution of businesses through digitalisation were also discussed during the workshop.

Participants were invited to an online survey, in order to share their views on what they thought were the barriers and the drivers of education and upskilling. The host of this event was Karine Laffont-Eloire, Senior Consultant & Associate Partner at Dowel innovation, and the participants were Sylvain Kubickl, Lead research and technology associate; Clémentine Coujard, Senior consultant Dowel innovation; Stijn Verbeke, Senior researcher energy performance of buildings; Kazi Sami, Research Team Leader, Smart Cities and Intelligent Buildings.

You can find more information about the Community and their projects in this link.