EU circular talks. The Taxonomy and Sustainable Finance: what does it mean for the buildings & infrastructure sector? – webinar

On January 16, the CEPI Secretariat joined the #EUCircularTalks webinar co-organised by Euric and the German Sustainable Building Council.
The event, moderated by Ms Christine Lemaitre from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) offered an interesting perspective on the EU taxonomy and its practical implications for the building and infrastructure sector. Speakers offered clear explanations of the key principles of what the EU taxonomy is, its purpose and how it works in practice, with a view also on potential future developments and what the current gaps are to tackle in order to ensure market alignment with this important tool. Benefits and challenges were examined at length by the speakers, notably: Ms Josefina Lindblom from the Directorate General Environment, European Commission, Ms Carolina Montano-Owen, PhD World Green Building Council, Mr Ben Allen, from the Institute for European Environmental Policies, Mr Fernando Sigchos Jiménez, Secretary General at the European Builders Confederation, and Ms Alexandra Quint from Assiduus.

The recording and slides presented during the talk will be made available by the organisers soon. CEPI members can ask for more details from the Secretariat.