CEPI Podcast, Special Episode with GEAR

CEPI is thrilled to share with you a special episode of the CEPI Podcast available for free listening online at
This episode, which features our trusted knowledge partner, GEAR, illustrates the many benefits of drones used within the residential real estate sector and the interesting opportunities that both property agents and managers can experience by choosing to use drones with the right experts.

You can listen to this special episode at CEPI Speical with GEAR , as well as on the main streaming platforms such as for example, Spotify.
We invite you to listen to this episode and click on the details of the episode description, where you will also find examples of video stories, and more.

Please visit GEAR’s official website to know more about their services and to all CEPI members interested, GEAR has reserved some special package deals available to CEPI members only! Should you be interested, please contact us at: