Zero-Emission Buildings Academy #2 - webinar

On April 18, the Secretariat attended the webinar: "Recovered energy: the forgotten potential for zero-emission buildings".

The event, co-organised by Leonardo Energy, BPIE - Buildings Performance Insititute Europe and the European Copper Insitute, delved into the potential of wastewater heat recovery (WWHR), as an excellent example of the energy efficiency first principle at home.

According to the speakers, WWHR is a cost-efficient energy-efficiency solution that should also be better addressed in the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive). In fact, while energy efficiency and renewables are often under the limelight, energy recovered by wastewater is to be considered as "regenerated" energy. Speakers, therefore, discussed not only the potential savings that can be reached by implementing WWHR systems but also, what the potential could be in integrating recovered energy into the calculation of the energy performance of buildings.

During the event, interventions also focused on WWHR benefits depending on the climate zone for implementation, and the new EN-EPB standards were also present

ed. Speakers of the event, moderated by the Director of the green and healthy buildings at the European Copper Insititute, Mr Quentin de Hults, included: Mr Pavel Sevela, from the University of Innsbruck, and Mr Laurent Socal, from the EPB- Center Expert (energy performance of building standards).

The recording and slides shared during the event will be soon made available by the organisers.