The association

The association

In the context of the increasing impact of the European Union and its rules and regulations on professionals working in the real estate market, national associations of real estate agents and property managers decided to create a European umbrella association and to entrust it with a common mission. That shared mission is to support European and cross-border real estate transactions by enhancing and developing the work and activities of real estate professionals.

The association has its roots in two European associations. CEPI was created in 1990 as an international non-profit organisation (aisbl) headquartered in Brussels. CEI was founded in 1994 as an organization of national associations in Europe for real estate agents. While CEI concentrated in its work on real estate brokerage, CEPI was the main association of real estate agents and property managers.

In March 2015 the two associations merged and are now working together as one association under the name “European Association of Real Estate Professions” (CEPI). The association aims to raise standards in the real estate professions, promoting that real estate brokerage and property management be conducted by qualified professionals with high ethical standards. It also aims to use its combined strength to bring the views of real estate professionals to the attention of decision-makers in the EU, and to address and find solutions for the practical concerns of real estate professionals in dealing with the implementation of EU policy and legislation. Therefore its work will have an accent on European policy, lobbying and a strong presence in Brussels.

Following the merger, more than 30 national associations in EU and EFTA countries bring together over 350,000 real estate professionals. The changes in the association will mean an improved voice for real estate professionals in Europe to the benefit of its member associations.

CEPI has a limited number of partnerships with other European and World professional associations to exchange information, points of view, experience and expertise. In some cases, these partnerships can lead to joint projects.

Beyond such structures, CEPI brings together faces, professionals in the service of priority target groups. This enables the different actors in the network to become involved, and represents the added value that participants find in CEPI for their daily work, especially now that EU Member States are largely no longer in a position to respond adequately at strictly national level to the pressures of globalization and to changes brought about by the information era.

The new CEPI intends to promote dialogue with national and international real estate institutions and associations, to encourage co-operation, to enhance professionalism, competence and high ethical standards, and to improve consumer protection in Europe.

In fact, it is against a background undergoing profound change that CEPI is called upon to offer real estate professionals a future, working towards a deeper and better informed perception of the European real estate market in its many different aspects and to restore confidence in its future!