Education requirements


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Education requirements

Education requirements

1. Duration and Level

A post-secondary course which will normally last minimum six (6) semesters and 180 ECTS (*) in a high vocational school, business school or university.
The following may also be taken into consideration: an equivalent programme of minimum 180 ECTS in a high vocational school, business school, university, in a school awarding a diploma of company manager, in a post-secondary school for social advancement, or an equivalent course delivered on a part-time or distant learning basis.
On successful completion, there will be a diploma, certificate or other evidence of formal qualification, awarded by a State recognised Body or education Establishment designated in accordance with its own laws, regulations or administrative provision.

(*) ECTS : European Credit Transfer System.
For national or policy reasons, one may, in addition, express references in hours.

2. Modules

Law minimum 25 ECTS
Property, planning, contracts, taxation

Economics and Bookkeeping minimum 20 ECTS

Investing in Real Estate minimum 10 ECTS
Types of investments, actual developments in public policy pertaining real estate, property appraisal systems, integral quality care and property qualification systems/programme of demands, property indices (performance measuring systems), financing investments - financing and yield calculations - financial arithmetic

Sorts of Management minimum 5 ECTS
Portfolio management, property management, asset management (facility management), residential real estate, office buildings, shops and shopping centres, parking lots

Maintenance Management minimum 15 ECTS
Introduction, maintenance policy, property management, life cycle of real estate, long-range maintenance planning, inspection, measuring technical quality, mechanical/technical and data installations

Structural Building Engineering minimum 10 ECTS
Building and development projects, building law and regulations, building defects

Information, Communication (+data processing) and Ethics minimum 5 ECTS

The abovementioned ECTS cover half of the 180 ECTS required. The dissertation is included in the programme, with 15 ECTS.

3. General Guidelines

- The foregoing are minimum requirements.
- CEAB member associations must provide the above minimum educational requirements for their individual members to ensure compliance with the CEAB resolution by December 31, 2004.
Since January 1st, 2005 new member associations are required to fulfil these requirements within three years of admission as a member of CEAB.
- All CEAB member associations will require individual members to attend seminars, lectures, courses and professional meetings to update their knowledge of all aspects of the real estate profession.
If required, evidence of attendance will be obtained.