Policy priorities

Internal Market

The internal market of the EU is a single market in which the free movement of goods, services, capital and persons is assured, and in which citizens are free to live, work, study and do business.

Services are crucial to the EU economy. They account for over 70% of the EU’s GDP and an equal share of its employment. The European Commission aims to remove barriers for companies looking to offer cross-border services and to make it easier for them to do business.

The core principles governing the Single Market for services are:

  • freedom to establish a company in another EU country (Article 49 TFEU)
  • freedom to provide or receive services in an EU country other than the one where the company or consumer is established (Article 56 TFEU).

The implementation of these principles has important consequences for professional services which are reflected in increased opportunities to work cross-border.

CEPI’s work focuses on the:

  • implementation of the Services Directive;
  • recognition of professional qualifications and .implementation of the Professional Qualifications Directive;
  • European Professional Card (available for estate agents from January 2016)
  • Single Market Strategy which is the European Commission’s plan to unlock the full potential of the Single Market.