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EAHSP, THE EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF HOME STAGING PROFESSIONALS, is a nonprofit association, dedicated to advancing the education of professional Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents as they prepare homes for sale. Its Mission is to support members with ongoing education and provide unique networking connections and business opportunities. Its Vision is to bring well-deserved credibility and recognition to the profession in Europe. EAHSP

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City Performer, a product of THERE Geospatial Analytics, is an online platform that provides a decision support tool and valuable source of information for real estate agents, developers, property managers, urban planners, architects etc. as well as for consumers. It evaluates urbanism (how the population of urban areas interact with the built environment), property prices and living expenses in cities using big data. Urbanism is evaluated on the basis of data in 6 categories: environment, living, safety, mobility, services and relax. Each category has its own indicators which impact on its index. City Performer also visualizes real-time property prices and provides predictions. The analysis of living expenses is based on utility prices, rents, retail prices and transport costs etc. City Performer has developed unique proprietary algorithms and prediction models which instantly analyse data.

City Performer
A product of THERE Geospatial Analytics
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GEAR is a company in the area of drones, autonomous flights & automation. Our one-stop drone inspection solutions for several sectors & industries addresses challenges in areas such as facility management performances, infrastructure monitoring, mapping, precision measurements, and real-estate among others. The focus is on standard first-time-right quality, inspection efficiency, speed, and quick volume scalability options achieved through some of the latest technologies in the area of satellite communication, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and automation platforms. This combination makes the service very attractive while improving the quality & volume of deliverables vs. cost ratio continuously. Take a different look today at your facilities and infrastructures by analyzing data to quickly & efficiently show underlying problems.