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Regulation pertaining to renting

Find out here information, by country, about renting (number of rents, average rents, deposits, etc.). The information has been gathered en 2010 with the valuable help of our partner EuroKaution. 

For each country, you will find out: 

Is a deposit usually required?
What is the level of security being sought?
What is the shape of the deposit (cash, bank guarantee, etc.)?
Are lease guarantees acceptable in the private sphere?
Does the local rent law allow rent deposits?
Are there agencies which provide rent deposits?
Can agreements be completed via the Internet?
Can it be paid via the Internet?
What is the way through which potential tenants find their new home?
What is the percentage of dwellings that are rented via the Internet?
What is the main Internet platform? 

Choose a country:

(CZ) Czech Republic (PDF)
(DK) Denmark (PDF)
(IE) Ireland (PDF)
(ES) Spain (PDF)
(IS) Iceland (PDF)
(IT) Italy (PDF)
(NO) Norway (PDF)
(AT) Austria (PDF)
(PL) Poland (PDF)
(PT) Portugal (PDF)
(SK) Slovakia (PDF)
(FI) Finland (PDF)
(SE) Sweden (PDF)
(UK) United Kingdom (PDF)