CEPI and CEI go for collaboration

On June 18, CEPI and CEI Presidents signed a Letter of Intent in which both European associations recognize each other as potential strategic partners and design an agreement serving the purpose of close collaboration.

CEPI and CEI see benefit in strengthening representation of real estate professionals towards the European Institutions, build up a relevant presence in Europe and work out best possible support to the respective constituency. 

"Support to national branch associations implies an increased capacity to work upfront on policy dossiers. That's why we are in Brussels and that's why we have continuously to look for alliances that are able to strengthen the voice of real estate professionals", Timo Multanen says. For Manuel Negrão, president of CEI, "it is a very important project for the two European associations to strengthen the voice of real estate industry in Europe. More and more legislation comes from the European Parliament. As European association of real estate professionals we have to get very early into the process of legislation".

It is agreed to work out joint positions pertaining to the revision of the European Directive on the Recognition of the Professional Qualifications. CEPI and CEI further commit to invite each other in respective projects and events with the aim to strengthen contacts and give insight in each other's way of working. It is decided that the second CEPI European Real Estate Convention will be organised in Vienna on November 19, in collaboration with CEI. 
"The European Union wants people and professionals cross borders and make the Internal Market a reality. Real estate professionals make it happen", Manuel Negrao points out. "Together with our national member associations, we have to initiate education and research and further develop business tools that contribute to strengthen the market value and position of real estate brokers and property managers in an increasingly international environment", Timo Multanen adds."This needs solidarity, vision and political will at European level".

Parties agree to pursue negotiations in a straightforward manner. A Steering Group has been set up consisting of the CEPI and CEI Board members to provide political and strategic guidance to the collaboration. Parties also agree to report systematically and extensively to respective constituencies, with a view to ensure ongoing and principle support to the collaboration and its objective.