IAVI and SCS approve merger

Our Irish member associations IAVI and SCS are pleased to announce that on the 2nd of June, their respective members approved a plan to merge both bodies. This is a landmark decision for the property sector in Ireland. It is intended that the merged body, to be known as Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) will operate from IAVI's existing headquarters in Dublin effective 1st January 2011. 


The leadership of each body is confident that SCSI, which will represent up to 4,000 qualified practitioners in the Republic of Ireland, will offer key additional services to members and benefits for the public good, that lie beyond the financial resources of the two bodies as separate organisations. Over 300 individuals enjoy membership of both IAVI and SCS at present.

An offer to IAVI by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), which owns the relevant charter worldwide, based on a thorough examination of IAVI members' qualifications, experience and length of IAVI membership, was a key 'enabler' of merger approval. It will result in the majority of IAVI members becoming members of SCSI and being entitled to become Chartered Surveyors, should they wish, by joining RICS.  A large majority of IAVI members  voted in favour of the merger: it is a very clear testimony of their commitment to lifelong learning.

An Implementation Group is now being established to tackle the major workload needed over the coming months to give effect to the wishes of the members. SCSI will continue the very close cooperation that exists between SCS and RICS for the benefit of the profession. 

RDM and VDM merged to IVD in Germany, and CNAB and UNIT go together as UNIS in France. Merger between IAVI and SCS so is a thrid consolidation of professional associations. For Timo Multanen, this should be heard as a signal. "I congratulate SCS and IAVI for this important decision and am confident that the new association will position even more as representative voice of real estate professionals in Ireland and be able to strengthen quality service to its affiliates", he said.