CEPI in Finland: a colorful trip

If most of us are enjoying holidays in July and August, others take advantage of this calmer period to participate in a summer course, put the finishing touches to contracts, update their administrative work or prepare a project for September. The CEPI, CEAB and EPAG Presidents decided to gather together and enjoy the summer sun on an island from the Saima lakes in Finland, island that would be nearly deserted if Timo Multanen would not have had the excellent idea to have his summer residence there.

The Presidents’ objective was to share their thoughts on CEPI’s strategic developments, the collaboration between associations and the crystallization of a common vision between leaders. A management report served as a basis for the discussions with the association’s Managing Director.

The extraordinary natural environment of the Finnish lakes and the fabulous meteorological conditions added to the work, the pleasure to discover a luminous country. The Nordic coolness indeed disappeared and temperatures that would please the “Côte d’Azur” fans could be enjoyed.

Those days were full of challenges as they allowed to keep pace with recent developments and to consider the necessarily divergent perceptions, sometimes reflecting different sensitivities and management cultures. Those days were also productive as they allowed to share common ambitions and projects, to the benefit of property managers and agents.

Claudine Speltz and Jan Boruvka greatly thank Timo Multanen’s wife, as well as Tuomo Puhakainen, for their warm and friendly welcome and for the fabulous culinary experience they enjoyed, even if they had to miss the crayfish fishing annual opening. This will be a good opportunity to go back, maybe also for professional reasons too…