3 to 1 : CEAB and EPAG merge into CEPI

In 2005, the CEPI, CEAB and EPAG General Assemblies decided to strengthen the role of CEPI, to simplify the decision-making within the association, limit the costs of functioning and concentrate the means available on the realization of projects. This decision aimed at a clearer and more explicit positioning towards European institutions and tried to strengthen CEPI as central reference for real-estate agents and property managers in the European Union. After several years of reflection and narrow collaboration, and thanks to a will shared by the three associations’ Presidents and a meticulous work of writing of the new statutes, the 40 member associations of EPAG and CEAB approved, at the end of November, the merger of the entities by absorption within CEPI.

“To answer future challenges and opportunities for real estate professionals, we had to reorganise a stronger, more effective and less bureaucratic CEPI”, emphasized CEPI President Timo Multanen. “By initiating and accompanying the merger process, our Past CEAB, EPAG and CEPI Presidents have done a great work for all professionals. I am also particularly happy that all members of the CEPI family have followed their instinct and considered the new CEPI structure as the right choice”.

The grouping completely recognizes the importance and characteristics of each profession. That is why each sector is managed by a professional committee. The new CEPI decision-makings also ensures a real representativeness of the skills and the respective interests.

By making this merger a success, CEPI member associations express their clear intention to strengthen their presence in Brussels and to ensure a federative and representative function to structure and direct the evolution of the real estate services in Europe.