Best wishes for a wonderful, peaceful and beautiful 2011 !

Our offices will be closed from from 24 December to 7 January included.
2010 was again a great and challenging year for CEPI... We have put a lot of efforts on policy work, including on the recognition of professional qualifications and services, energy efficiency, consumer-related issues, as well as financial, commercial and contractual issues. We have continued to meet regularly with key decision makers, have become partners in various EU initiatives such as BUILD UP and the URBAN Intergroup, have very recently become members of the European Commission steering group on professional qualifications, and have developed several position papers, including a common one with IUPI on the landlord/tenant dilemma. We have developed new continuing education modules and offered them to education institutes of our European network, have started to revise the EUREDUC criteria, have met in Vienna for a European Convention on Education for real estate professionals, as well as in Madrid around SIMA, the well-known international real estate Fair.We conducted a study on property rentals and rent guarantees in 18 EU countries, published our annual comparative market data, supplemented by an analysis of their trends, and so much more...

An information portal on the pan-European markets and comparative data is under construction. Our members have engaged in international activities, we have organised a Brussels’ Week for our members to get to know EU’s functioning better, have started developing new internal communication tools, have concluded a first commercial partnership with EuroKaution and distributed the first two guides for professionals across Europe concerning the energy performance requirements and procedures to be followed by those wishing to engage in cross-border work.

Last but not least, we have revamped our statutes to become one and only association representing Europe’s real estate professionals, agents and property managers. The merger of CEAB and EPAG was voted in November by the General Assemblies. We had called for this planned merger wholeheartedly and will pay the attention needed to implement it, so that the new structure can get its bearings on a daily basis. Promising collaboration discussions with CEI are also going on...

Much more is in the pipeline for the new year; Rendez-vous in 2011 !

Please note that CEPI offices will be closed from 24 December to 7 January included.

Season’s Greetings,
The CEPI Team