CEPI welcomes the new Polish Presidency

Poland has now taken over, as from 1 July, the rotating six monthly presidency of the EU. What can we expect? The programme includes work on completing the single market, and most significantly for property professionals the implementation of the Services Directive and the modernisation of the Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications, including the development of a European professional card in which CEPI participates actively.

There is also a focus on consumer issues which looks to transform European consumer policy. Two of the legislative proposals on the agenda include European contract law, with a proposal expected in October creating a European legal instrument to regulate at EU level contracts between businesses or between businesses and consumers, and a proposed directive on alternative dispute resolution.

Important dates for the presidency are 2 to 4 October when the first Single Market Forum will take place in Krakow. This will be an opportunity to discuss the proposals in the Single Market Act and look at the impact of European policies on the ground.

CEPI welcomes the new Polish presidency and its ambitious work programme. Further information is available on its website.