CEPI comments on the modernization of the Professional Qualifications Directive

We welcome the proposals made by the European Commission and the attention which it has paid to some of the administrative weaknesses in the current Directive. We also appreciate the framework provided for the development of a European Professional Card and the new regime for automatic recognition of professional qualifications on the basis of common training principles for those professions which fall within the general system under the Directive. However in our view several points still require some attention...

We believe indeed that it is important to have greater clarity now as to some of the terms of the Directive. For example we ask that the distinction between temporary provision of services and permanent establishment be clarified. We also consider that it is important to reach agreement on a “common language” for all professionals which can be readily understood. There are some very good suggestions in the proposals, it is important to be sure now that they will actually work in practice, and these ideas must be properly studied and tested. It must also be ensured that the importance of providing high quality professional services is not forgotten in the debate on the Directive and on the number of regulated professions in Europe. 

Read the full position paper here.