European Commission consults on effective open voluntarism

The Commission has launched a public consultation on a draft code for effective open voluntarism which will remain open for comments until 30 September 2012. CEPI takes an interest in self-regulation which has an important role to play in the property sector. Therefore it welcomes all support given to such initiatives and their effective use and application. 
In the Communication about “A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility” the Commission has undertaken to try to codify good practice in various voluntary, self- and co-regulation processes, in order to improve the framework for achieving EU policy objectives.

Self- and co-regulation processes are seen as being important instruments which can take many forms but there are certain points which are seen as being vital to the success of any such initiative, including broad support among and participation from, interested parties. They also include the definition of effective rules for rapid collective and individual action, clear performance indicators, regular and open reporting on performance and the making available of the resulting body of knowledge to drive better policy making.

The main goal is to prepare a short text containing the core propositions that frame effective voluntary multistakeholder action. A draft text has been prepared with the assistance of academics and selected experts. It is now open to contributions from all interested parties. The aim is to keep the code as short as possible and focused on design principles of voluntary actions. This initiative is open to all stakeholders potentially engaged in self and co-regulation and other multistakeholder voluntary actions in the EU.

A secondary goal would be to develop a cross-EU and multi-sectoral Network of Excellence on the part of organisations which have led the way in this work and of interested experts. A third is to explore how best to make the best possible use of voluntarism in policy making, because whilst it is stressed that it is not meant that voluntarism should substitute for lawmaking and regulation in a systematic manner, it is critical to an effective policy approach.

There will be a public meeting to discuss the draft code and the other issues mentioned on September 10 2012. Following the consultation, the Commission will propose a final draft for the Code and accompanying actions, for the end of 2012 or early 2013. The code will be open for signatures to all stakeholders interested.