CEPI participates in the ANACI Day in Milan

The Italian association of property managers organised its yearly working day in Milano on last Janyary 28. Five hundred professionals discussed and reflected on the issues at stake in the reduction of energy use in buildings. For Claudine Speltz, CEPI President, “this initiative contributes not only to the awareness of professionals about regulations which, in large part, are prepared and detailed in Brussels, but above all expresses the concern, beyond borders, to share experiences and best practices amongst professionals whose occupation is becoming ever more complex and technical and whose clients expect a better qualified service”.


The CEPI President emphasised the importance for every professional association of combining policy oversight in Brussels with the setting up of a network of professionals on the ground, to explain what is at stake in new legislation according to the local actors and to put forward, validate and share the experiences and questions which can only be acquired and formulated through long years in practice. Exchanges between professionals of EU countries, for all the differences which there may be in regulations relevant to property management, are often necessary whilst we attempt today to define and verify common core competences with regard to a common quality service.

On the occasion of this working day, Claudine Speltz also intervened on the subject of energy performance certificates as well as the question of division of the cost of improvement works regarding the energy performance of buildings. 

ANACI Day 2014 was also the occasion to pay tribute to national president Pietro Membri for his tireless encouragement of the professionalization of the profession of property managers in Italy.

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