Real Estate Challenges for the EU - An Appeal to Candidates for the European Elections 2014

The European Union faces many challenges which are relevant to the real estate sector. The upcoming elections for the European Parliament represent an opportunity for real estate professionals to call upon candidates to listen to the concerns of the sector.

Whilst real estate remains a matter of national competence, the economic and financial crisis has demonstrated the importance of real estate to the EU economy as a whole. It is also clear that decisions made by the EU are having an ever increasing impact on the sector and the working lives of real estate professionals. Therefore CEPI has published a manifesto for the European elections in which it calls upon candidates to take account of real estate challenges for the EU. 

In particular CEPI sees a number of ongoing challenges for the EU:
- Recognise the long-term economic importance of the real estate sector at both national and EU level.
- Acknowledge and develop a role for Europe in looking seriously at the real estate sector as an important sector which needs clarity and simplification taking into account the social implications for the EU of a properly functioning real estate market.
- When considering regulation avoid making decisions and adding rules at all levels that lack coherence and disturb the equilibrium of the market with resulting economic and social consequences. 

The responses called for to meet these challenges are detailed further in the manifesto which is available here.
It is time to acknowledge the important role which the real estate sector has within, and the impact which it has on, the economy of the EU as a whole. In the name of real estate professionals in Europe CEPI asks that the real estate sector be given due consideration in the discussions and decisions of the next European Parliament.