Working visit of the CEPI President to Spain

On 27 March last Claudine Speltz met CEPI’s Spanish member associations as well as the Consejo General de los Colegios Oficiales de los Agentes de la Propriedad Inmobiliaria de España.

The President’s visit is an expression of her concern to nourish contacts with member associations and to explore possibilities of strengthening the representation of the real estate professions in Europe. 

Claudine Speltz repeated that “reinforcing personal contacts with the political authorities of associations contributes in an effective and concrete manner to strengthening the network. Such participations have as an objective to ensure exchanges of good practice between associations and to draw lessons from both the successes and failures of our work at national and European level. This work on the network is a priority for the year to come”. 

On 28 March, the CEPI President participated in a seminar organised by the school of property managers (CGCAFE). This working day provided the occasion to repeat and discuss the difficulties with which the schools are confronted. The question of energy performance, the contribution of IT management and civil liability insurance and others were amongst the subjects treated.