A busy agenda for the CEPI President

Spring is certainly busy for the CEPI President. After a general meeting of the association in Brussels and a visit to member associations in Spain, Claudine Speltz took part in the world congress of FIABCI in Luxembourg on the subject of the international measurement code (IPMS) and then made a speech at the 19th congress of the Polish Property Federation in Bygdoszc, gave active support to the launch of a training programme for Polish property managers in Warsaw and participated in the jury of an international real estate competition, under the auspices of the Lebanese property association.

The CEPI President thus emphasizes the importance which she places on numerous contacts with colleagues: “CEPI must function as an observatory in Brussels and inform its member associations of policy initiatives and challenges upstream. However CEPI must also function as a European network with agendas which are partially identical or similar in the different capitals. A common European agenda is formed on the basis of common concerns, similar challenges and many contacts. It is for the President of CEPI to forge links, facilitate contacts, to understand the work done in Brussels and to promote the support to enable its success. Thus we must think as Europeans when we carry out a mandate for a European associations and avoid reducing Europe to a multiplication of national concerns and interests which are often so incompatible. 

Beyond the policy work, it is obvious that a European network benefits greatly from the opportunities of a common project which renders CEPI more visible with affiliates: “That CEPI might sometimes be difficult to explain does not present a problem”, stressed the President. “However it is crucial that CEPI must provide services, not only to member associations but also to their own affiliates in order to be visible, credible and supported.” 

“The end of the crisis represents an opportunity to strengthen contacts between associations and strengthen the sense of cohesion and solidarity of the profession”, insists again Claudine Speltz. “It is for this reason that I particularly want to give my time to meet my colleagues about our common European project”. 

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