New European Professional Card for Real Estate Agents

The European Commission has been working on the introduction of a European Professional Card (EPC) to make it easier for professionals work in other EU countries. It has now confirmed that the EPC will be available as from January 2016 for real estate agents, as well as for nurses responsible for general care, pharmacists, physiotherapists and mountain guides. The EPC will be voluntary, individual professionals will have the choice to apply for it online. CEPI welcomes the introduction of the EPC, which it believes will facilitate the mobility of professional services in the real estate sector.

The EPC will help professionals work in other EU countries on the basis of their national qualifications. It is intended to make it simpler and quicker for those qualifications to be recognized and to make the system more transparent. The EPC will not take the form of a physical card, it is an electronic procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications between EU countries using the Internal Market Information system. There will be an important role for the national authorities in the home Member State of the professional in processing the application.

The EPC is an important initiative which was introduced when the Professional Qualifications Directive was modernised in 2013, with implementing powers delegated to the European Commission. On 24 June 2015 the European Commission adopted the Implementing Regulation on the issuance of the EPC for the professions mentioned. The regulation sets out which documents should be provided when a professional applies for the card, and which of these should be translated.

It is expected that the EPC will also be made available to additional professions at a later date. Click here for further information.