CEPI Member IVD (Germany) publishes an interesting report on its reform agenda

CEPI member IVD, the Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD Bundesverband e.V., has just produced an important report on its reform agenda, the “IVD-Reform-Agenda 2025”.

Under the title of “The as well as principle” (Das Sowohl-als-auch-Prinzip, in German), IVD has put together a real estate policy reform agenda with the help of well-known scientists and experts, in which they show concrete solutions to seemingly contradicting issues.

As our CEPI Secretary Geral, Ms Elisabeth Rohr-de Wolf stated on her official LinkedIn page: "Whilst the report addresses a number of issues, I would draw readers attention to the IVD's clear position on the relationship between climate change and the industry (…) Only through recognising the contribution made by the 'market' can the affluence necessary to support prosperity for all be achieved. The report's authors make explicit the view that it would be a strategic mistake to see protecting the environment and a growth orientated economy in opposition. Indeed any attempts to destroy the modern economy would only have a negative impact on our ability to protect the environment. It is essential to refurbish and reinvest in the built environment for example, in order to ensure the long term health of society.”

To read the full report (in German), please visit IVD’s official website at: