EUSEW 2021: Green and blue over grey: How green roofs can help cut emissions from buildings, save energy and benefit householders - webinar

The CEPI Secretariat attended the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2021 webinar "How green roofs can help cut emissions from buildings,save energy and benefit householders", on 19 October 2021.
The event hosted guest speakers from the public sector such as the European Commission (EC) Policy Officer, Ms Brigitte Jacquemont, as well as experts from the private sector, including EU Public Affairs Manager Ms Katarzyna Wardal (Knauf Insulation), Ms Vera Gaytandzhieva (Project Manager at Optigruen), Mr Stephan Beerends (Director at Sempergreen), Mr João Goncalves (Director at Housing Europe) and Ms Marta Weber Siwirska (President of the Polish Association of Green Roofs and Walls).

During the last decade, “green” walls, as well as green roofs, have emerged in cities all over Europe. They not only decorate the often-grey cityscape with their visual impact but also include numerous benefits such as saving building energy, promoting biodiversity within the city, controlling water run-off, mitigating the urban heat island effect and improving indoor and urban air quality. Studies also suggest that they mitigate air pollution. This green infrastructure also reconnects citizens to nature, offering social and health benefits for those living in urban areas.

As green roofs seem to combat part of the consequences of climate change, this future-proof solutions require initial investments followed by maintenance expenditures. Therefore, these green urban infrastructures are also part of the Renovation Wave strategy, as part of the Green Deal. By 2030, this strategy aspires the EU building stock to reduce its emissions by 60% and its final energy consumption by 14%. Additionally, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) also includes solutions such as green roofs and green walls in their long-term investment strategies.

The CEPI secretariat will keep members informed on any policy updates related to European property investment strategies.

To find more about green roofs and the full list of speakers of the event please visit: here