A new learning tool by European commission- Level(s), Sustainable performance in buildings

The European Commission has published a new learning tool and materials to help to understand the European framework for sustainable buildings- Level(s).

Level(s) provides a common language creating a shared understanding of sustainability performance in buildings. The Level(s) is based on six macro-objectives that address key sustainability aspects over the building life cycle. The sustainability indicators within each macro-objective describe how the building performance can be aligned with the strategic EU policy objectives in areas such as energy, material use and waste, water, indoor air quality and resilience to climate change.

The modules in the course explain the principles and concepts and offer a practical advice on how to use them over the life cycle of building projects. The course is aimed mainly at built environment and sustainability professionals; policy makers, procurers, public authorities; investors, property owners, landlords.

More information on the course can be found in this link.