Energy efficiency and residential buildings management in central and eastern Europe: analytical approach in scaling up renovation of multi-apartment buildings - online event

On the 1st and 2nd of June, the Secretariat of CEPI attended a two-day webinar organised by Habitat for Humanity Macedonia and Habitat for Humanity International Europe and Middle East. The main focus of the event was the energy efficiency in multi-apartment residential buildings.

On the first day it was discussed how research could support the renovation of multi-apartment buildings and alleviate energy poverty, with the contribution of the Residential Energy Efficiency Observatory in Central and Eastern Europe. The webinars were centred on the importance of collecting studies and research to make good policies in the field of energy poverty and renovation for the co-owners of multi-apartment buildings. During the second slot of the first day the discussion was focused on residential energy efficiency, especially in the multi-family apartment buildings.

The speakers of the first day were: Gyorgy Sumeghy (Associate Director of Advocacy & Policy, Habitat For Humanity International/Europe and East), Dragan Blazev (Executive director of Habitat For Humanity International/Europe and East), Sergio Tirado-Herrero (‘Ramón y Cajal’ Senior Research Fellow, Department of Geography at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Edo Omic (Economist at Council of Europe Development Bank-CEB), Liljana Alceva (Deputy Director – Program, Habitat For Humanity Macedonia).

On day 2 of the Habitat event, the Secretariat attended the interesting presentation of the academic articles, in the frame of the . The authors of two recent publications from the Western Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe presented the best practices and the strategies implemented to make energy renovation of residential structures a concrete reality in Central-Eastern European countries.

The speakers of the event were: Zoran Kostov (National Director of Habitat Macedonia, and Associate Professor, Institute for Social Innovation) and Veronika Kiss (Research Coordinator of the Observatory, Habitat For Humanity International/Europe and Middle East), Angel Ristov (Good condominium management in Macedonian law, Professor, Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus, Skopje), Davorin Pichler (Legal regulation of condominium ownership in the Republic of Croatia, Professor, Faculty of Law, University J. J. Strossmayer, Osijek), Igor Vujovic (Condominium Ownership in Montenegro, Professor, Faculty of law University of Donja Gorica).

You can find more information about the Habitat for Humanity here and about their project Residential Energy Efficiency for Low-income Households (REELIH) here.