Zero-Emission Buildings Academy: A Sustainable Approach to Mitigate Heat Demand Peaks – online event

On Tuesday 14th March 2023 the CEPI Secretariat followed the first webinar of the Zero-Emission Buildings Academy, presented by Ph.D. student Elisabeth Zeyen (TU Berlin) on the topic ‘BUILDINGS IN A HIGHLY RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEM: IT’S ALL ABOUT PEAK DEMAND’.

With regard to the EPBD and its goal of achieving a Zero Emission Building stock by 2050, CEPI attended the first webinar by the Zero-Emission Buildings Academy, organized by ECTP and launched in partnership with Leonardo Energy, BPIE (Buildings Performance Institute Europe), and ECI (European Copper Institute). Each webinar is dedicated to experts addressing specific sustainable building-related topics.

The webinar focused on a research study previously released by Ph.D. student Elisabeth Zeyen from the Berlin Institute of Technology. The study analyzes measures to mitigate the heating demand during peak season in Europe in a cost- and emission-efficient manner. It is the first study that optimizes supply efficiency and costs, including all European countries.”

To know more about the research paper, please click here.