Towards the new European directive EPBD, the redevelopment of the Italian building heritage, systems and solutions by URSA - online event

On Thursday, the 13th of April 2023, the CEPI Secretariat followed the webinar of URSA, presented by Arch. Daniela Cardace, the technical contact person at URSA, on the topic " TOWARDS THE NEW EPBD, ENERGY REQUALIFICATION, URSA SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS ".

The webinar was centered on explaining the new "green" EPBD and the revisions that have been implemented. Ms. Cardace specifically highlighted the importance of new energy performance standards for both public and private buildings, stressing the need to shift towards ZEB buildings and to discuss the "Renovation passport". She also touched on the new energy performance requirements as they relate to the challenge of renovating Italy's unique architectural heritage.

The webinar was in Italian, with the option of subtitles in different languages.

To consult the recording of the event, please visit here.