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CEPI Contact #22 - December 2008


Like CEPI, the Confédération européenne des Administrateurs de Biens (CEAB) and the European Property Agents Group (EPAG) have elected their new president.

Claudine Speltz was elected president of CEAB. She is a member of the Chambre Immobilière du GD de Luxembourg (CIGDL). A founding member of numerous associations, including the Fédération des femmes cheffes d'entreprise du Luxembourg (FFCEL) and the Groupement des Syndics professionnels du Luxembourg, she was named "Manager of the Year 2004" by the financial editorial staff of the Tageblatt. In 2006, she received the European Trophy 2006 awarded by the Conseil européen Femmes, Entreprises et Commerce (CEFEC), given out by Simone Weil.

Jan Borůvka has been elected EPAG President. He qualified as an architect but is active as real estate consultant since 1991 and is co-owner of a real estate company. He is one of the founders of CEREAN (Central European Real Estate Associations Network) where he serves as President in 1999/2000. He is currently Secretary General of the Association of Real Estate offices of the Czech Republic (ARKCR) and President of the Czech chapter of the Fédération internationale des Professions immobilières (FIABCI).

On behalf of the readers of CEPI Contact, we would like to wish the new presidents good luck.

Voluntary Register of Interest Representatives

CEPI is now registered on the voluntary Register of Interest Representatives established by the European Commission. The register may be consulted at

Legislation and Regulations

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
On 13 November the draft of the recast 2002 EPBD was published as part of the Second Strategic Energy Review package. The aim of the recast directive is to help citizens to improve the energy efficiency of their houses and the construction industry to build better quality buildings. In particular:
- the required energy performance certificate must be included in all advertisements for the sale or rent of buildings and, with its energy saving recommendations must be part of the sale or rental documentation
- inspections of heating and air conditioning systems will advise consumers to make better use of these appliances or improve their operation
- the threshold of 1000m² in the existing Directive will be removed so that all existing buildings which undergo major renovation will have to meet certain efficiency standards
- Member States will develop plans for increased numbers of low or zero energy and carbon buildings, with the public sector leading the way.

A copy of the proposed recast directive is available at

Energy Labelling Directive
Also on 13 November, as part of the same package, proposals were announced concerning the revision of the 1992 Energy Labelling Directive. This revision would extend the scope of the Directive to apply also to energy-using products in the industrial sectors as well as all energy-related products with an impact on energy consumption, including insulation materials and windows.

A copy of the proposed recast directive is available at this address

European Professional Card for Service Providers
On 5 November the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament discussed a report by Swedish MEP Charlotte Cederschiöld on the creation of a European professional card for service providers. This is pursuant to recital 32 to Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications which states that "the introduction, at European level, of professional cards by professional associations or organisations could facilitate the mobility of professionals, in particular by speeding up the exchange of information between the host Member State and the Member State of origin."
Any amendments to the report will now be considered before the report is put to a vote in the Committee. A copy of the report is available at this address.
European Market

Residential market - Polska – Autumn 2008
REAS has just published the quarterly report on the residential market in the following cities: Warszawa - Kraków - Łódź - Poznań - The Tri-City - Wrocław
The report is available (in English) upon request from

Observatories – France – third quarter 2008
The Syndicat national des Professionnels immobiliers (SNPI) and the Fédération nationale de l’Immobilier (FNAIM) publish barometers of the sales and lease rental markets on a quarterly basis. The information can be obtained from the secretariat of CEPI:

Residential market – Suomi/Finland – October 2008
The Finnish authorities publish regular statistics on the development of the markets. The latest report was put online at the end of October:

Real estate markets – Österreich – Trends 2008
The real estate section of the Chamber of Commerce (FIV) has published figures and trends in the sector for several years. This publication can be obtained from

A great deal of other such information is available in many European countries. That is why CEPI is preparing a new, online service to enable surfers to access the national data available at a simple click… very soon.


Do you wish to get information on the conditions for accessing property in the different EU Member States? Then visit the CEPI website .

Four years after Transeuropa, CEPI has launched a new information platform on questions on co-ownership. This new issue will be broached through an important number of titles. It will be published as files are prepared by the partners of CEPI in EU Member States. We hope to put the first information online starting in the first half of 2009.

News of the network
Y. Boussard, former president of FNAIM (F) and emblematic figure in the real estate sector in Europe was rewarded in September with the insignia of Officer of the National order of the Légion d'Honneur.
We would like to extend our warmest congratulations. This decoration was conferred on him by the former minister for housing, P.-A. Périssol, in the name of the President of the French Republic.

General Assemblies

7 FNAIM Paris - France  
13 - 15 CEPI - CEAB - EPAG General Assemblies  Firenze - Italia

8 FNAIM Paris - France  
11 Christmas Summit on the real estate market results of 2008 Moskva - Rossija
18 Christmas Summit on the real estate market results of 2008 St Petersburg - Rossija  
8 - 9 renovación de la Ofrenda anual a S. Domingo de la Calzada 
(Patrón de la profesión)
La Rioja - España  
22 - 23 XIII Encuentro nacional de jóvenes administradores de fincas Oviedo - España  
26 -29 SIMA09 Madrid - España
3 - 5 PROEstate St Petersburg - Rossija  
3 Task Force Europea website for residential properties Bruxelles
4 - 5 X. Ortegat (preparing the participation of CEPI in the fair of St Petersburg) Helsinki
8 X. Ortegat attends the FNAIM congress Paris
12 meeting of X. Ortegat with CIB (participation in the Brussels Fair)  
18 work meeting: setting up a cross-border observatory of the residential real estate sales market Bruxelles
19 meeting of the presidens and presidents elect Bruxelles
26 T. Multanen Roma and Lisboa
- X. Ortegat meets with CGCAFE and AEGI (participation in the SIMA09 fair) Madrid
9 meeting of CEPI, CEAB and EPAG Presidents Bruxelles
12 PTC Policy meeting