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Regulation pertaining to sales

Buying a property is for EU citizens one of the most important decisions of their life... 
How to buy or sell a house? Find here answers to your questions on the professions involved, the sales formalities, the obligations of the parties, and so on.

Professions involved

Professions which may be involved in the process
Professions which have to be involved in the process

Sales formalities
General regulations on Sale contracts
Definition of Sale Contract
Existence of Sale contract
Other kinds of contracts

Obligations of the parties involved
Obligations of the Seller
Obligations of the Buyer

Registration Rights
Stamp Duties
Other Taxes and Taxation
Possible Tax Exemption

Loan contract
Accepting the possibility of a suspensive clause
Payment Difficulties

Protection of the parties involved
Formalities on land information
Obligations and liabilities of the property agent
Sellers Protection
Buyers Protection

Property and risk transfer
Property Transfer
Risks Transfer
Insurance Obligations
Specific Clauses

Total cost of transaction (price + taxation expenses)
Minimum personal contribution
Resorting to loan
Maximum allowed indebtedness
Professional liability as regards the duty of advice on indebtedness

Transeuropa: Study programme on real estate transactions in countries of the European Union

We make a point of thanking the students and the professors from the following establishments, which carried out the Transeuropa files :
  • Lycée Louis Pasteur, Lille  anciennement Lycée Valentine Labbé, La Madeleine - France
  • IRAM Promotion sociale, Mons - Belgique
  • South End University of London - United Kingdom
  • Hogeschool Gent - België
  • Hogeschool Antwerpen - België
  • Handelsgymnasiet Mariager Fjord, Odense - Danmark
  • Dublin Institute of Technology - Ireland
  • Hanzehogeschool Groningen - Nederland
  • Fachhochschul- Studiengänge der Wiener Wirtschaft - Österreich
  • Malmö University - Sverige
  • Deutsche Immobilien-Akademie an der Universität Freiburg GmbH - Deutschland
  • Suomen Kiinteistönvälittäjäliitto (SKVL) - Suomi-Finland
  • Wyzsza Szkola Gospodarowania Nieruchomosciami w Warszawie - Polska

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